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Charity Golf Challenge 2021 Results

Thank you to the teams and players who participated in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Bermuda 8th Annual Golf Challenge 2021 that was held at Port Royal Golf Club on Friday, 26th November. This was a special year as we honoured the legacy and memory of our founder, His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip. Thank you to the Award’s Patron, Her Excellency the Governor, Ms Rena Lalgie, Governor of Bermuda, for attending the reception and presenting the Awards. We would also like to express our most sincere gratitude to the Award’s volunteers for their involvement with the golf tournament. Our combined efforts and success with this event will cover the cost of participation in the Award for participants throughout the coming year, and for that, we extend a heartfelt thank you to all. Your contributions are changing lives and enhancing our community one young person at a time.

Golf Challenge 2021 Champions

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2021 Championship Team: Zobec

Pictured (L-R): Kevin Ronaldson, Her Excellency the Governor, Ms Rena Lalgie, Governor of Bermuda, Phil Anderson, Adam Hopkin, Jovanna Douglas, Award Chair and Claude LeFebvre

Second Place Team: Badge Bunnies

Tracy Burgess, Rich Marriott, Shannon Trott and David Abraham

Third Place Team: Aon

Fernando Paul, Nitin Aggarwal, Rishi Aggarwal & Seth Anup

Fourth Place Team: Team Tops

Ed Faries, Claude Guay, Trevor Madeiros and Brent Giannone

Fifth Place Team: Aeolus - The Wrecking Balls