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The Immediate Value Of Participation For Individuals


Self-reliance, self-esteem, self-efficacy, capacity to act in one’s own interest and need, self-belief, ability to share your own life and the world around you


Managing feelings

Reviewing, self-awareness, reflecting, self-regulating, self-accepting


Resilience and determination

Self-disciplined, self-management, self-motivated, concentrated, having a sense of purpose, persistent, self-controlled


Relationships and leaderships 

Motivating others, valuing and contributing to team working, negotiating, establishing positive relationships, interpreting others, managing conflict, empathizing

Creativity and adaptability

Imagining alternative ways of doing things, applying learning in new contexts, enterprising, innovating, remaining open to new ideas, reading situations correctly and adapting as relevant

Planning and problem solving

Navigating resources, organizing, setting and achieving goals, decision-making, researching, analyzing, critical thinking, questioning and challenging, evaluating risks, reliability

Civic competence​

The ability and willingness to engage in active participation, based on an attitude of trust in other people, in all the contexts of social life: school, local community, work place, recreational activities

Intercultural competence

Ability to operate in different cultural settings (of different ages, skills, religions, languages, etc.) and adaptability to changing circumstances and ability to sense and respond to new contexts


Personal and social well-being

A person’s state of mind, relationship with the world around them, and the fulfillment they get from life: well-being, life satisfaction



Explaining, expressing, presenting, listening, questioning, using different ways of communicating

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