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As an Award Leader, you will be the most important and influential person to the Participant, as you will have regular contact throughout the progression of the Participant’s Award experience. You will have responsibilities to both the Participant that you’re working with and The National Award Office (NAO).

An Award Leader must:

  1. Complete the Award Leader Training on the Online Learning Hub (  Registration on the site is required.

  2. Your Award Unit must have a sub-lience with the NAO.

  3. Have awareness and compliance with Child Protection legislation requirements within Bermuda.

  4. Agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

  5. Develop and implement strategies for attracting a broad spectrum of young people to participate in the Award.

  6. Advise, guide and assist young people to participate in the Award.

  7. Ensure members of all groups within your organisation are considered and catered for wherever possible.

  8. Consider the engagement of adolescents experiencing a lack of motivation and/or direction.

  9. Provide young people access to registration via the Online Record Book.

  10. Encourage Participants to choose a diverse and challenging range of activities and to reach beyond their grasp.

  11. Review and approve of programs set by the Participant for each Section of the Award.

  12. Assist Participants to find suitable Assessors and supervisors.

  13. Check Assessor and supervisor suitability (i.e. experience and/or qualifications) and approve them, keeping a record of all volunteers.

  14. Arrange or undertake training and/or briefing of volunteers including other Award Leaders, Assessors and supervisors.

  15. Ensure all volunteers meet Child Protection legislation requirements within Bermuda.

  16. Ensure all adult volunteers have agreed to the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

  17. Keep record of Participants and volunteers approved by your organisation.

  18. Maintain attendance records, training calendar, arrangement of practice and qualifying adventurous journey, and submission of route cards to Standards & Training committee.

  19. Assist Participants with using the Online Record Book and logging their activities as required.

  20. Pre-approve and provide a final sign off of all activities, including all components of the Adventurous Journey.

  21. Make a final assessment and approval sign-off on behalf of the Award Unit when the Participant has completed all sections of the Award.

  22. Encourage Participants to complete their Award and progress to the next level where possible

  23. Ensure the Awards achieved are authorized and presented in accordance with the National Award Office.

  24. Arrange Award presentations as required.

  25. Exercise appropriate duty of care regarding the safety and well-being of the Participants.

  26. Manage the operating of The Duke of Ed within your Award Unit.

  27. Maintain and uphold the principles and national policies of The Duke of Ed (as provided for in the Award Handbook).

  28. Ensure the operation of The Duke of Ed meets the requirements of the International Declaration and Principles.

  29. Ensure that any documents, collateral, website pages or other items that utilize The Duke of Ed logo meet all requirements set by the National Award Authority.

  30. Ensure that all new materials that utilize The Duke of Ed logo and contains interpretive content regarding the Award is approved by the National Award Authority prior to being circulated. A copy of all such materials will be retained by the National Award Authority for reference purposes.

  31. Adhere to any and all overseas guidelines if going off island for an Adventurous Journey.

  32. Undertake your role as an Award Leader in a safe working environment. This includes:

  • taking reasonable care for your own health and safety;

  • that your conduct does not adversely affect the health and safety of others;

  • that you comply with any reasonable instructions relating to health and safety; and

  • that you comply with any reasonable policy or procedure relating to health and safety that applies to you, your colleagues, people you are supervising or who are considered to be in your care

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