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As an assessor, you will play a crucial role in the success of The Duke of Ed. Your role is to engage with Participants of the Award, offer guidance, mentoring and encouragement as they undertake the Section of the Award that you are assessing.


An assessor must:

  1. Be suitable experienced and/or qualified in the activity in which you are assessing.

  2. Meet the Child Protection legislation requirements in your State/Territory.

  3. Agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

  4. Be approved by the Award Leader and therefore the Award unit prior to the Participant commencing they activity with you as the assessor.

  5. Understand the relevant Duke of Ed requirements for the Section you are assessing.

  6. Assist the Participant to identify and set achievable goals for the Section you are assessing and to develop a program to reach their goals.

  7. Help the Participant to stay focused on the goals that they have set.

  8. Ensure the Participants undertakes the Section activity substantially in their own time.

  9. Encourage and recognise improvements in the Participant and record positive comments about the Participant’s progress.

  10. Write a report at the completion of the Section activity, and sign off the Participant’s records to verify that they have met the requirements of the Award for that Section activity.

  11. Undertake your role as an Assessor in a safe working environment. This includes:

  • taking reasonable care for your own health and safety;

  • that your conduct does not adversely affect the health and safety of others;

  • that you comply with any reasonable instructions relating to health and safety; and

  • that you comply with any reasonable policy or procedure relating to health and safety that applies to you, your colleagues, people you are supervising or who are considered to be in your care

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