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When you complete a Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award you instantly become an important part of The Duke of Edinburgh Alumni Community.  In the past 50 years over 10,000 Bermudians have completed an Award and globally over 8 million!

The Bermudian Alumni provides the opportunity for all past Awardees to now reconnect and continue to access and share unique opportunities of a lifetime.

As an Awardee, you are part of the global Duke of Ed community spanning more than 140 countries, and providing access to opportunities to extend the lifelong learning principles of The Duke of Ed program.


Share your experience and learning with young people embarking on their Duke of Edinburgh Journey.  We can offer Awardees a wonderful way to share their experiences and mentor (online or via email) independent Participants doing their Award.  These Participants would really welcome the feedback, advice and support of Awardees, as they complete their Award independently.  Your stories can help inspire future generations of Award Participants!


Take part in online discussions and forums via The Duke of Edinburgh Award LinkedIn Group and our Facebook Group.  These social networking sites are designed to allow you to develop meaningful discussions between other Alumni members on issues that affect young people in Bermuda, career issues or general life issues. 


Reconnect with your Duke of Edinburgh friends.  ALUMNI LOGIN and see who else is registered.



We are always keen for volunteers.  Apply online to be a volunteer.


Rachel Antonition

2010 Gold Alumni

Deputy Chair, Communications Committee, Bermuda Award Council Bermuda Delegate to International Award “Emerging Leaders Forum” 2014

“I view the Award to be a valuable opportunity for the young people of Bermuda. My Gold Award expedition in Guyana was extremely challenging and there were times when my group was disheartened. I tried to push through my own challenges and encourage others to do the same because being a leader means also being part of a team; and in my team, we supported each other so that we could succeed.”

Kevin Minors

2009 Gold Alumni

“I completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards in consecutive years and achieved success in scholarships and university acceptances due to my participation in the Award. I am constantly encouraging my peers and fellow young people to participate in the Award to its fullest extent. I try to motivate those participating to not give up, to not back down. I encourage them to push themselves, to test themselves and to, ultimately, amaze themselves.”

Michael Branco, JP, MBA (far right in photo)

CEO of Fireminds Ltd.

“As a young man, achieving the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award gave me strong sense of accomplishment and the exciting opportunity to meet HRH Prince Phillip himself. The charity work I engaged in though the Award helped to develop my sense of community service, something that I continue with more than two decades later. The expedition allowed me to find and push my physical and mental limits, which laid a foundation for my adult life, both professionally and personally; and the friends I completed the programme with are still great friends today.”

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